We are Babease, we make delicious food for babies, not baby food! Our pouches are veg-led, 100% organic and packed full of flavour.

At Babease, we believe that your very first experiences with food and flavour help form the basis of your relationship with food for life. Introducing your little one to a world of exciting tastes is not only great fun for them but can also set them on their way to becoming little foodies for life. We’re here to support you throughout the weaning journey with our 100% organic range of baby food suitable from around 6 months all the way up to 10 months+.

Babies are born with a natural preference for sweeter tastes and are often more wary of bitter flavours, therefore veg-led weaning from around 6 months is hugely important. Whilst introducing more bitter-tasting vegetables such as broccoli or kale may require a little more perseverance than the easily accepted sweet-tasting fruits like banana and mango, it is definitely worth the extra effort. This will help broaden your baby’s palate from the get-go and will pay off in the long run.

Studies have shown that babies who are introduced to a variety of savoury tastes at the very first stages of weaning go on to eat more vegetables in later childhood than those who don’t. That’s why our range of 100% organic food for babies is packed full of nutritious veg with no added nasties like sugar or salt.

At Babease, vegetables are at the heart of everything we do, and we never hide fruit behind a savoury title, so when we say our pouch has sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower in it, we mean it.

Babies have an amazing receptiveness to flavour and at Babease we believe it is important to make the most of this. We’re on a mission to help little ones learn to love a variety of flavours.  Variety is hugely important to us and this can be seen through our product range. We use over 20 different types of vegetables, 8 different fruits, over 16 herbs and mild baby friendly spices and a variety of different beans and pulses to provide flavours and optimal nutrition for your baby. All our pouches are organic, veg-led and absolutely packed full of flavour! Our range varies from home comforts like Cottage Pie all the way to more exotic dishes like Keralan Curry and Sweet Potato and Spinach Masala.

Our range is tailored to enable your baby to progress successfully through the weaning journey by introducing just the right amount of taste complexity and added textures at the right stage. Our range will support your little one from our smooth stage 1 pouches (around 6 months) right through to the bigger bites in stage 3 (around 10 months).

We know weaning goes beyond the food itself and that’s why we want to ensure mealtimes are not only a fun, enjoyable time for your little one but also for you as the parents. Our top weaning tip is to have fun! Allow your baby to touch, squeeze, play with and explore the food with all their senses. Even if they eat very little at first, they will benefit from playing and making mess with their food. Eating with your little one, smiling and making eye contact with your baby are all great ways to make mealtime relaxed and enjoyable for you and your baby.

We’re on hand to support you throughout the weaning journey through our products but also through category leading advice wherever needed.  Head to our website www.babease.co or our Instagram @babease where you can find lot’s more helpful advice on all things weaning from food refusal tips to how to create happy mealtime environments.

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