ARCHIVEThousands of Medical Cannabis Patients Turn To CBD

Thousands of Medical Cannabis Patients Turn To CBD

Evidence shows the need and benefits of CBD are of growing demand. Cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH discusses the important relationship between CBD, THC and terpenes.

Cannabidiol, known more commonly as CBD, is one of hundreds of cannabinoids that are extracted from the hemp plant, and it is also one of the most thoroughly studied. However, misconceptions on the benefits of CBD mean it is widely overlooked by the global medicinal cannabis community. This is because of THC, CBD’s best friend and sometimes confusing partner.

THC is also a cannabinoid, however, unlike CBD, THC is very different. It causes psychoactivity, something that consuming cannabis derived products is traditionally known for. These products are traditionally very hard to standardise, making it very difficult to depend on treatment in natural plant form.

CBD sold in the UK is extracted from EU grown hemp cannabis (not marijuana) is widely available for purchase and comes in several forms. This makes it much easier to control dosing, giving it ease of use and thus appealing to a much wider audience that currently lacks these options.

Medical cannabis has low to no CBD

The most popular medical cannabis products come from the marijuana cannabis plant, known for its high THC and low CBD ratios. Therefore, most popular medical cannabis products are those with exceedingly high amounts of THC. The breeding process results in reduced CBD content thus diminishing the entourage effect that occurs among cannabinoids interacting together.

Clifton Flack, CEO/Founder of cannabis healthcare company CiiTECH says smoking medical cannabis “is like drinking expensive wine on an empty stomach, CBD is needed to balance and constrain the sometimes overwhelming psychoactive effects of THC in medical cannabis’’ Furthermore, “it is almost impossible to measure the amount of THC in medical cannabis when it is sold as ‘a bag of weed” adds Flack.

CBD is a well researched wellness product used daily by thousands of people in the UK. A recent study conducted by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis has revealed that the CBD market in the UK is booming.
CBD has seen significant growth in popularity as a wellness product in recent years. The study estimated the UK CBD market to be worth £300 million, with double-digit growth expected each year leading to a market value of almost $1 billion by 2025.

“Our flagship brand Provacan is a highly recommended brand trusted by pharmacists and cannabis patients. We do our best to research and understand the full extent of our customers’ needs, creating regulated products that are often also recommended directly by practitioners or even sold alongside medicinal cannabis products.” says Flack, “In Brazil for example, CiiTECH has products that are prescribed by physicians under compassionate use laws, In the UK we have medicinal cannabis clinics that sell our products with every prescription of medicinal cannabis. We are a global company and every market has different regulations. We adapt ourselves and our products according to local laws.”

CiiTECH Science-led Approach to Product Development

CiiTECH entered the cannabis scene in 2017 just as CBD was hitting a boom in the market, with its flagship brand Provacan selling CBD in the UK. The brand quickly became one of the most trusted CBD brands in the UK supporting thousands of loyal monthly CBD customers.

Realising the need and potential for CBD in the UK, Provacan expanded its range in 2019, adding a variety of new products and dosing mechanisms and introduced to the portfolio two niche lifestyle brands; IMPACT Sports and HuGG Skincare. Today CiiTECH are proud to offer over 50 different products internationally.

Provacan CBD is Widely Trusted in the UK

The brand’s transparency and clarity make it a very easy product to work with. With the lack of cannabis education, Provacan strives to provide information in a very clear and understandable manner including, dosing, ingredients, warnings and directions for use.

By far the most sought after products is Provacan CBD oil, whether they come in drops or accurate dosing sprays, however, many athletes use high strength CBD topicals post training and since the World Anti Doping Association, WADA removed CBD from it’s list of prohibited substances a few years ago more and more sportspeople have started endorsing the use of CBD in sport.

CiiTECH are known for their involvement in cannabis research, tech partnerships and professional education courses as well as their consumer brands. There is so much potential for CBD as a wellness supplement but the benefits of cannabis and plant derived extracts goes beyond isolated CBD. The relationship with terpenes and other minor cannabinoids changes how our bodies’ natural endocannabinoid system processes and uses the CBD so formulation and dosing can mean the difference between success and failure in using CBD. It can take a few weeks to start feeling the true benefits of using CBD supplements.

NEW Provacan NT-VRL™ Terpene Tinctures

Like cannabis, terpenes have been used for hundreds of years in wellness and aromatherapy. CBD oils made from hemp extract often include a natural terpene and flavonoid profile, often with no particular science behind it. These terpenes all affect the CBD entourage effect.

The Provacan NT-VRL™ terpene formula is a highly optimised terpene formulation developed in Israel by Eybna technologies. It contains specific terpenes that have been carefully studied to create a unique blend that works in unison and may be used alongside Provacan CBD products to enhance the entourage effect. It is the first non-CBD related product under the Provacan brand, bringing the most recent terpene technology into the realm of CBD.

CannaSoul Analytics in Israel tested the NT-VRL™ formulation for Cytokine Storm inhibition. There is growing evidence of terpenes’ therapeutic effects on the human body, particularly when combined with CBD. To evaluate NT-VRL™ efficacy, Eybna tested the formulation in a validated biological in-vitro model that mimics an inflammatory response in the human body. The terpene formulation combined with CBD was twice as effective as using CBD alone.

Israel is The Home of Cannabis R&D

Israel, the home of Cannabis R&D and where Professor Mechoulam isolated CBD and THC. It is also the home of CiiTECH’s research and key partnerships.

As a cannabis healthcare company, CiiTECH will be using the Provacan brand to launch a pilot line of THC tinctures in Israel. This pilot will give CiiTECH the opportunity to prove it’s theory based on its market research for the need of a more standardised approach to medical cannabis. The tinctures will contain extracted cannabinoids including both THC and CBD in drop form to ensure controlled dosing, ease of use and accessibility to thousands of people that find smoking medical cannabis unsuitable for them.

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