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The CBD Minefield: Oils vs Topicals

There is no one-stop-shop for CBD and there is no guarantee that the CBD you choose will work for you and a first-time try might not give the results you hoped for.

Your body naturally has its own endocannabinoid system that helps the nervous system, mind and body function. Everyone’s system is different and will react differently. How you choose to take CBD is also an individual choice. In general, there is Oral, Topical, Edible and Vape.

You normally find CBD comes in sublingual oil drops but it can come in a spray, this is by far the most popular choice and anything sublingual (under the tongue) generally absorbs faster and better into your bloodstream. There are many oils out there, so pick one from a brand you trust and give it a try, make sure it’s a reputable brand though so you know what you are getting is the real thing.

Oils vs Gummies and CBD Lozenges

If you hate the taste and prefer CBD gummies or lozenges, Provacan offers a good hard candy CBD lozenge that is sucked under the tongue. The problem with gummies is that they taste so good most people just end up chewing and swallowing! This is fine but you lose a lot of bio-availability this way as the CBD has to travel through your digestive system before making its way into the bloodstream. It’s the same for CBD infused drinks and snack bars although drinks do penetrate the system faster than other edibles.

CBD Topical Skincare too

While most people ingest CBD, the cannabis compound can be used for a multitude of reasons via topical application and it’s fantastic for the skin. When deciding on a balm make sure you go for one with a high strength, if using topical CBD for wellness support be aware that the CBD needs to travel through your skin to the bloodstream which is quite a process, if you are using it for anything skin or muscle-related then lather the balm on multiple times a day if needed and monitor how it helps you.

The Difference between Topicals

When in doubt start low and go slow, this normally applies to oils but it’s worth noting for topicals too. There is a big difference from CBD infused products infused with CBD and CBD products. Infused products mean the product includes CBD in amongst other essential oils and topical ingredients, a good example of this is the HuGG CBD clay face mask, the mask contains dead sea mud, natural oils, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter and it also contains 50mg CBD as one of its ingredients, no one ingredient makes this product, it’s the carefully thought out combination of ingredients that makes it a success. Provacan CBD balm has a high CBD content and is used more sparingly on problem areas. While it does contain natural butters and oils it’s very much a CBD balm rather than a balm infused with CBD. Not all topicals are created equal and there is not always a need for a high CBD content to reap the benefits.

What Dose is Good for Me?

The beginner’s rule of “start low and go slow” applies to all CBD categories and the intention of the product you are taking.

Many people ask what CBD dose is ideal and what time of day is best to take it? There is no one rule, two people can use the same oil twice a day at the same dose and feel totally different about the success of the oil. It doesn’t mean that CBD isn’t good for you or that CBD doesn’t work for you, what it does mean is that the particular brand or type of CBD doesn’t work for you and that another brand possibly might. What is essential to do is research your chosen brand to make sure you are choosing a reputable CBD company and follow UK guidelines.

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