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SunFlora…Setting the Bar in the UK CBD Market

There is great cause for celebration for the SunFlora team in the headquarters at Palmetto, FL.  We started out as a single store, family business…but we had dreams.  SunFlora is proud of the fact that we are responsible for driving employment and new entrepreneurs in cities all across the United States.   The reason why we are celebrating is because we are taking our model of engaging communities to the other side of the world, with the UK being our nerve center for the international expansion.

Our Story

The mission is all about bringing the highest quality CBD products to market. We have formulated our products with our customer’s needs in mind.  SunFlora, Inc. was founded in 2018 by husband and wife team Rachael and Marcus Quinn.   Rachel discovered CBD due to struggles with Crohn’s disease and seeking relief without side effects.  After trying CBD products with positive results, she opened her first SunFlora store and soon after, they decided to make improvements on products that were available in market by developing their own products.   Soon, they started opening other stores and saw this as an opportunity to help family and friends become entrepreneurs in a fast-growing industry.   Rachael and Marcus observed great promise in the hemp derived CBD market and were committed to producing a high-quality product made with high quality ingredients.   The business model of helping entrepreneurs set up brick and mortar “Your CBD Store” locations in the communities where they live, work, and play has been a huge success.

About the Products

The line of SunFlora products under the brands “SunMed” and “Sunflora” has grown to over 100 sku’s.    There is pride taken in the development of each and every product and it is a true team effort to get them to market.  We use GMP  (“Good Manufacturing Practices” certified labs and FDA certified labs to manufacture our product and each of our labs have all of the required registrations with the State of Florida. Our customers experience consistency from one bottle to the next.  Every single product contains no more than the legal amounts of cannabinoids.  We source 100% of our organic hemp from farms authorized to cultivate hemp by their State Department of Agriculture.  These farms are subject to very strict testing requirements in order to maintain their hemp cultivation permits which must be recertified for renewal annually.  We third party test our hemp material that goes into every single bottle of our party.  Not only do we test the finished good prior to releasing them to consumers, we also test the raw material when it arrives to our warehouse.   We take pride in our full panel test results and we are committed to transparency, which is demonstrated by our posting of our test results on our website.   We have updated our labels to comply with the regulations of the most conservative States and that is the standard that we use across the country and internationally.   The quality of our SunMed product is known throughout the United States which has led to the success of our individual stores.  Our tincture flavors emote a nostalgic experience for our customers whether they like tropical flavors like orange or seasonal flavors such as our pumpkin spice.  At the recent USA-CBD Expo held in Miami, we were awarded the designation of Best Tincture and Best Topical Cream by industry peers.  Our Leadership Team is committed to regulatory compliance and recently customized a line to align with regulations in the U.K. for exportation to that market.   We spare no expense in creating a consistent, compliant product.

We have made 3rd party QR codes tied to chemical testing integrated with our products labels so our customers can know what’s in each bottle. Having a Ph.D. in chemistry on staff has allowed complex formulation with our CBD using other cannabinoids and terpenes that create unique synergies that increase efficacy, target specific ailments, and increase binding of CBD. We believe the customer should understand how we develop our product from soil to oil and they should be seeing the best product on the market along that journey. By setting the standards in the CBD industry SunFlora is moving plant medicine to the 21st century.

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