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When Jacqui became pregnant, she assumed that she would see the same midwife throughout her pregnancy; sadly this was not the case for her, or the majority of women in the UK. Yet the evidence shows that having a dedicated midwife throughout your pregnancy and birth leads to better outcomes for mothers and their babies, ie it is safer, and women report higher levels of satisfaction with this type of care.

After researching her options, Jacqui decided to opt for care from Private Midwives where she was offered the care and support of her own experienced midwife, by her side throughout pregnancy birth and the postnatal period. She was especially delighted with antenatal visits in her own home, avoiding the bother of going to the hospital or clinic each time. Her family could be involved more easily and her partner reported feeling more comfortable about the pregnancy and the plans for the birth.

If any problems or worries cropped up Jacqui was able to call her midwife and things were quickly and easily resolved. By the time Jacqui went into labour she was fully at ease with her midwife who came to her at home and then accompanied her and her partner to hospital, remaining until the baby was born.

 “ Having Liz by my side made such a difference and I felt much more at ease.”

Jacqui’s midwife then provided home based postnatal care, supporting her with breastfeeding and the early days. When the time for discharge came they were both sad to say goodbye.

“ Liz cared for myself and Simon from early pregnancy, right through the labour and the birth experience. I was able to ring her for expert advice or just reassurance at any stage. She guided and supported me through the rocky beginning to our breastfeeding journey.  I’m 21 weeks pregnant now with our next baby and so delighted that Liz will be part of our team again.
I cannot recommend Private Midwives highly enough. Their professionalism, expertise, experience and calm, evidence based attitude epitomizes the type of care every family deserves during this exciting, yet challenging time. “

Linda Bryceland, Director of Midwifery at Private Midwives explained that while it is now national policy to offer more women continuity of carer, few women experience this type of care which has been described as the gold standard. Private Midwives is the leading provider of private midwifery care within the UK and places strong emphasis on continuity and relationship based care. Linda went on to say that…

“Every one of our midwives is a skilled, experienced practitioner but most importantly we place emphasis on kind, supportive care. The woman and her needs are at the centre of all we do. We are with a woman and her family, every step of the way in her journey to motherhood.”

We offer a range of packages to suit a variety of needs with everything from one off appointments to full care. Women can also choose just postnatal care. We can help with scans, the Harmony test and other referrals. Most importantly we support women in their choices and offer evidence based care at every stage.

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