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Portman Dental Care – National Smile Month

Portman Dental Care is proud to be supporting National Smile Month in collaboration with the Oral Health Foundation.

At Portman Dental Care, everything that we do is to ensure the very best care of our patients. Throughout our practices, across the UK, Ireland and Europe, we see thousands of patients every single day and fully understand the importance of maintaining a strong oral health regime. We can’t see every patient every day, so our job is not just to assess their teeth, gums and mouths and treat them, but to provide them with the guidance, advice and tools to help them maintain the very best standards of oral health. The actions, habits and routines that take place at home are just as key as attending for regular oral health assessments and hygienist visits.

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From brushing, flossing and using interdental brushes, to getting to know your mouth and making the best choices with food and drink; we’re here to help with it all. Encouraging and helping to shape these habits will ensure that the smiles we care for are healthy, happy and proud, now and for years to come.

As a group, we have always championed National Smile Month; encouraging our practices to get involved with their colleagues and patients alike. Taking part and raising awareness of the ways in which we can all take care of our oral health in the best possible way is a fundamental part of the services that all Portman Dental Care practices provide.

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This year, we are going further than ever before to help raise awareness, by joining forces with the Oral Health Foundation and encourage our practices and patients to get involved in the various National Smile Month activities. Just some of the ways our practices are getting involved are:

The Great British Brushathon

One of the fundamentals of maintaining the very best standards of oral health, but not normally something done as a collective; we will be encouraging everyone to join thousands of others on 15th June in brushing their teeth and sharing selfies across social media of this daily routine. In the lead up, our practices and clinical experts will be sharing tips and hints on how to get those hard-to-reach spots with your toothbrushes and we encourage everyone to join in.

Rate My Plate

Ensuring we eat a well-balanced diet is not only good for our overall health, but good for our mouths. What can become confusing though, is what foods are or aren’t good for our oral health and just as important, when we eat them. With ‘Rate My Plate’ the aim is to cut through the noise and help put together the perfect plate of food by rating yours. We want as many people as possible to get involved and share their plates of food to help piece together the perfect plate for body and mouth.

Nominate a Smile

We all know someone who goes above and beyond, or who makes us smile with theirs. With ‘Nominate a Smile’, we’re encouraging everyone to take the time to recognise someone who inspires you. They may be a true community champion or have just gone above and beyond to do something that you feel needs recognition. If you know someone like this, then don’t hesitate in nominating their smile.

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National Smile Month begins on 16th May and runs until 16th June. If you would like to find out how to get involved in these activities, how your local Portman Dental Care practice is taking part, or you have any other oral health questions, you can find more information at our dedicated National Smile Month page by clicking here.

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