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CiiTECH takes it’s CBD brands to all sorts of exciting places.

CiiTECH are cannabis healthcare experts with extensive experience in the medical cannabis and CBD sectors. They utilise this deep sector knowledge to develop products for a portfolio of brands and develop tools for business partners to help guide the market properly.

There’s nothing quite like having a brand with a founder who is as passionate about the business after 4 years of hard work as the day he decided to leave medical cannabis and start providing UK consumers with high quality and accessible CBD supplements.


As the company’s flagship consumer brand, Provacan has made it its mission to deliver products that are of the highest quality, simple and easy to understand. Due to its clear packaging and unmistakable ingredients, Provacan has become one of the most reliable and trusted products on the CBD market today.

“Nothing makes me more proud than when a customer tells us how much our products have changed their lives. We believe in the work we are doing, partnerships we are building and products that we are creating. Our science-led approach ensures our products are safe, effective and trustworthy which is why I think Provacan, our flagship consumer brand, has had such a good response within the UK market.” – CiiTECH founder/CEO Clifton Flack

UK company CiiTECH is a little different to your average CBD company as it was established with roots in the medical cannabis industry in Israel, widely considered as global leaders in cannabis research.

As a result of CiiTECH’s years of building partnerships, it continues to push its knowledge and expertise about cannabis further to the forefront of the growing industry including notable partnership with the Hebrew University’s YISSUM and key researcher Prof. Yossi Tam on investigating the benefits of cannabinoids in metabolic conditions, in particular NAFLD.


PROVACAN-VAPES-4CiiTECH’s work goes further than it’s investment in research. It’s place in the wider global cannabis community opened up exciting collaborations with leading tech companies, to bring exclusive formulations and the latest cannabis technologies directly into the hands of UK customers. For example, CiiTECH introduced the first medically approved VapePod device to the UK through it’s flagship brand Provacan. The VapePod is designed by cannabis company Kanabo. As a result of this partnership, available for purchase are Provacan’s very own compatible day and night formulas. The pre-filled, single use pods, click straight into the device without any mess. Another such collaboration is with Eybna and their NT-VRL™ terpene formula, available for sale under the Provacan brand, a unique terpene only product that can be used alongside CBD.

After the success of Provacan, CiiTECH went on to launch two other brands, IMPACT Sports and HUGG CBD. To date, CiiTECH’s portfolio of brands covers over 85 products, each one designed to fit into specific niche markets, making it easy for anyone to find the perfect CBD product for their lifestyle. So whether you choose to use IMPACT to support your fitness or The HuGG to keep your skin happy and body motivated throughout your hectic day – CiiTECH truly believes it has what you need.

“When we established CiiTECH in 2017, our mission was to provide easily accessible CBD products for all British consumers without compromising on quality. We believe that by building partnerships and bringing to market reputable brands, we can provide the very best information and products to customers and patients seeking CBD. With the success of our brands, I feel confident that customers are gaining a better understanding of CBD benefits and are able to find reputable companies like CiiTECH to buy their CBD from.”
says Flack.


IMPACT CBD supplementIMPACT is a sports CBD supplement brand with a range of products that is specifically geared towards the needs of athletes. IMPACT CBD supplements support athletes with keeping them focused, promoting better sleep and maintaining their strength. The company places huge emphasis on the Rugby space but supports athletes from all walks of sport and life.

HuGG CBD productsAnother brand of CiiTECH, HuGG CBD is geared more towards supporting anyone that needs a little reminder to breathe sometimes. HuGG is there for you daily, reminding you to give yourself a little bit of TLC so you can be the best version of yourself. The range of products places importance on staying beautiful from the inside out with CBD oils to skincare topicals. The award winning CBD Clay Mask and CBD Coffee Body Scrub and firm favourites.

Provacan is powered by CiiTECH, a biotech company involved in leading Cannabis research.