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With the realities of climate change fresh in our minds after COP26, we may be making more climate-conscious decisions this festive season. From wrapping paper to the types of presents we buy, there are many simple changes we can make that collectively have a positive impact. And one of those changes is the food we eat.

There’s been much talk about plant-based diets, but for those who still want to enjoy a juicy Christmas turkey dinner with all the trimmings and embrace a diet with lower environmental impact, there is a solution.

Give the planet the gift of a ‘flexitarian’ diet this Christmas! The flexitarian approach is an easy step to a healthier diet, which is also better for the planet. 8.4% of UK greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by everyone in the UK swapping one meat meal per week with a plant-based meat alternative, like Meatless Farm. That’s equivalent to 16 million fewer cars on the road!

So, while we’re not suggesting disrupting your traditional Christmas dinner, swapping some of your party season buffet favourites with plant-based meat alternatives is a step forward.

What’s on the meatless menu?

For meals where vegetables just don’t cut it, plant-based meat alternatives are the ideal solution. Meatless Farm founder, Morten Toft Bech, was keen to cut his and his family’s carbon footprint when it came to their diet, but he didn’t want to lose out on the taste and texture of meat. Hence the birth of Meatless Farm.

Meatless Fram natural ingredients

The mission is to create plant-based meat alternatives that taste like the real thing. It makes adopting the flexitarian approach simpler, especially if catering to several hungry mouths. Popular meals such as spaghetti and meatballs, lasagne, and bangers and mash can stay on the menu with Meatless Farm and the product line is rapidly expanding to give more choice and make the switch easier. In addition to, plant-based burgers, sausage rolls, and hot dogs, the newest venture is plant-based chicken.

Introducing plant-based chicken breast

Meatless Fram Chicken BreastWe’re a chicken-loving nation – roast chicken dinners ranked as the UK’s 3rd favourite meal in a recent YouGov survey – and so many delicious meals are chicken-based so it was important to create the perfect plant-based chicken alternative. Our plant-based Chicken Burger is out now and ready for Veganuary, a month-long campaign in January to try a vegan diet, is Meatless Farm’s plant-based Chicken Breast.

It’s the UK’s first soya-free plant-based chicken breast and it will be a winner, winner chicken dinner with all the meals that can be created with it. Available as a whole fillet and made from peas, it’s the perfect plant-based alternative for all your favourite chicken meals. Far from some of the dry and rubbery chicken you may get served, the Meatless Farm plant-based Chicken Breast is juicy, tasty, and replicates its meat counterpart. It can be cooked from chilled in the oven, pan or grill, and is simple to add into recipes. Either roast whole and serve with a traditional Sunday lunch, slice, and serve with a creamy pasta, or shred and serve in tacos. So next time you’re clucking for a spicy tandoori chicken or a winter-warming chicken casserole, you can enjoy a yummy dinner while doing your bit for the planet.

Benefits for you

Meatless Fram KevIn addition to all the environmental benefits a flexitarian diet can bring, there are potential health benefits too.

As we head into the festive season, our tummies are about to take their toll with an abundance of rich food and drink. Nobody wants to miss out on the scrumminess of Christmas dinners and New Year buffets, but there is a way to give our gut a rest and enjoy tasty food at the same time.

A recent study by London South Bank University has found that eating plant-based meat alternatives, like Meatless Farm’s plant-based Mince, Burgers, and Sausages can have a positive impact on the gut microbiome.

Gut microbiome? What the M*** F*** is that?!

Producing the fatty acid butyrate is good for our gut and the study found that eating more plant-based meat meals had a greater ability to produce butyrate from the bacterial populations in the gut. This has multiple health benefits such as supporting positive mental wellbeing and helping maintain the intestinal barrier in the colon, which is essential for the functioning of the gut and a healthy immune system. So, these positive changes in the microbiome are aligned to a healthier gut.

Those involved in the study consumed just five plant-based meat meals a week over four weeks. They enjoyed Meatless Farm’s plant-based Burgers, Sausages, Mince, Meatballs, and Sausage patties, and by the end of the four weeks, they were producing more butyrate. Result!

Making lasting change

There’s no time like the present for making positive change, so why not get started today! Here are three top tips for your flexitarian journey:

  1. Start small
  2. As we said, swapping out just one meat meal a week for a plant-based meat alternative has significant environmental impacts.

  3. Talk to others
  4. Adapting our diet can be tricky to get our heads around at first but talking to others about why you’re doing it not only helps them understand, hopefully it will get them thinking about their eating habits too!

  5. Get adventurous
  6. Enjoy the journey! We’re right by your side and you can download our new free cookbook packed with mouth-watering recipes.

So, don’t get flexitarian for Christmas, get flexitarian for the planet!

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