At M-EAT! we are staying true to 400 years of biltong-making tradition. Now we aim to take it to new heights in health, flavour and sustainability.

We’ve spent years perfecting the ingredients, developing the recipe and curing process and testing pretty much every angle, variable and permutation possible to create the perfect M-EAT! we can bring to you today.

If you’ve heard of or tried jerky you’ll know it just isn’t good for you. Biltong is very different and never the twain shall meet. There are rudimentary, over-dried beef snacks and then there are healthy, tasty, sustainable, succulent beef snacks that have stood the test of time.

Here’s five things to chew on:

1.    Jerky is made from sirloin, flank or round beef cuts. Don’t get us wrong, processed meat can be tasty, but it is also full of bad saturated fat. If you’re already absorbing enough healthy fats as part of your diet don’t OD on the jerky. Although biltong, which can be made from similar, much of the saturated fat is lost as part of the curing process.

2.    M-EAT! is only made from top grade silverside from certified UK farms. Top notch stuff and fully traceable. It is tough for UK meat farms to get certified. It is even tougher to stay certified. We only source beef from farms which have stayed certified for a long period. So that means our M-EAT! packs 54g of protein and only 4g of fat per 100g. Jerky does not come close to those protein levels and can have as much as 30% added sugar.

3.    You need to add more salt to jerky to cure it. In fact, many jerky makers also resort to MSG to keep the salt content down. There is a load of bad press around MSG and its bad effects on your health, from nausea, asthma and chest-pain to even face-swelling.
With M-EAT! you get a less than 3% salt and never any MSG, just natural ingredients and a whole lot of beef.

4.    Jerky is almost always smoked. The smoking process has got to be spot on or else it can be really, really bad for you. Biltong is cured using salt, pepper, cider and malt vinegar coriander and is never smoked. Many biltong makers cut corners by sprinkling some spice after drying their meat. We do it the other way around – it is always best to infuse before air-drying your m-eat to max that flavour. Our process is harder and it takes longer but the results are truly nutritious biltong.

5.    Finally, jerky is sliced thinly with the grain before it is cured. Biltong is cured first (think, big, flavoursome chunks) then sliced across the grain, usually less thinly than jerky. This actually allows biltong to hold more flavour than jerky, notwithstanding all of that fat, salt, MSG type stuff those jerky-makers have to use. Leaner, better, tastier – that’s what M-EAT! biltong is.

When it comes to consumption it’s logical to think the more protein you eat, the more your muscles repair and grow – but your body doesn’t work like that. Your muscles can only absorb up to 20-35 grams of protein in a single serving (depending on how big you are) – that’s why one of our 35g m-eat! biltong bags translates to around 20g of pure protein. Most of us tend to back-load our protein consumption at dinner rather than breakfast or lunch – but three healthy protein servings spread throughout the day optimises muscle repair and development.

The good news is that m-eat! biltong is versatile, available when you want without any preparation.

Shop now at www.m-eat.co.uk. Our butchers are ready to cater to your biltong needs.



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