Anticipates record year as travel restrictions ease

Kreativ Dental, the international dental clinic of the year based in Budapest, is anticipating record treatment figures over the next 12 months as demand from the UK – its number one market – sees dental tourism bounce back as travel restrictions ease.

The company now forecasts they are likely to exceed the figure of 200 to 300 a month in British patients, each saving on average 50% to 70% on comparable fees from private dentists in the UK, pre-lockdown.

Driven by significant savings – an average implant costs £2,500 in the UK while at Kreativ it is £830 even including the crown – and the chance to visit Budapest, already a tourist hot spot attracting 700,000 Brits a year before lockdown, the bounce back is also being fuelled by airlines planning to return to pre-lockdown schedules.

With NHS dentistry described as being “in crisis” according to the British Dental Association (BDA), UK dental patients are choosing to go to Budapest rather than be forced to pay the unregulated, sky-high fees of the UK private dentistry sector.

The boost in demand has been spurred on by the fact that according to Dentistry On-Line, 14 million dental appointments were missed during the pandemic, leaving British newspapers to report incidences of people in pain having to use string to pull out their own teeth during the pandemic.

Even Boots the chemist has reported sales of at-home dental kits for lost fillings, caps and crowns were up by 87% in the last three months of 2020, compared with the same period the previous year. A situation described by BDA Chair Eddie Crouch as showing policies are “incompatible with addressing the urgent backlog of cases.”

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