Meal prep. You’ve all heard of it. You might have seen it. You might have even given it a go yourself. You may have slaved tirelessly over the stove every Sunday night to create 5, 10, 20 identical pots of food that would sustain you nutritionally for the next week. You might think you know exactly what meal prep is and why people do it, that it’s dull but necessary, that it’s only suitable for the fitness conscious people among us.

But forget what you know about meal prep. We do it differently.

Meal prep is no longer just a solution for gym goers (though we certainly do cater for them). It’s no longer tubs and tubs of the same, uninspiring dish. It is actually becoming a very useful investment for thousands of people. Whether it’s the taxi driver who is sick to death of picking up sandwiches, the ER nurse who’s top priority is keeping up their energy through a busy shift or your average Joe who’s looking to integrate more plant based meals into his diet.

So listen up all of you sustainability conscious eaters out there, here’s some more reasons as to why a KBK plant based meal prep plan could be a great option for you…

  1. All of our meals are delivered FRESH, that’s right, not a frozen meal among them which means they are ready to eat within minutes of them arriving at your door – and not one of them will be the same giving you all the variety you need!
  2. We have found that many people, who’s lives now revolve around being at home, have found meal prep useful because it offers them some control over their day to day. Just having healthy, ready made meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner provides them with a routine that they otherwise would have been missing.
  3. Our plant based and veggie meal prep plans start from just £2.77 per day making them an absolute bargain!
  4. The meals we provide are calorie controlled and nutritionally balanced, so in times like these, when we are far less active than we would typically be, our customers don’t need to worry about weight gain or eating the wrong things – KBK has that covered.
  5. Sticking to a meal prep plan means you’ll no longer have half bags of salad, a misplaced courgette or any other leftover ingredients in the fridge going to waste. Another tick for conscious eating and money saved.
  6. Let’s face it, we all got bored of cooking in lockdown 1, we aren’t about to start ramping up the banana breads in lockdown 3.
  7. Finally, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable making plant based and veggie meal prep a complete all rounder when it comes to environmentally friendly eating.

Looking after your body and the planet has never been easier. So join the hundreds of plant based foodies who are now a part of the KBK community.

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