Quarter of Brits now make time to enjoy the most important meal of the day

  • New research from Meatless Farm reveals that Brits are now spending more time over and becoming more adventurous with their breakfast during the week
  • The average Brit is taking over 15 mins on making breakfast during the week and almost a quarter are indulging in hot breakfasts
  • Meatless Farm is helping Brits prepare a balanced breakfast with the launch of its new sizzling sausage patties available from Tesco
  • The company will also take on British bakery chain Greggs by launching sausage rolls into Sainsbury’s from mid-April following the exceptional demand for more plant-based options at mealtimes

With people spending more time at home at home over the last year, our eating habits have shifted. A quarter of Brits now make a conscious effort to spend time, specifically more than 15 minutes to prepare a proper breakfast on weekdays (1). The research from British plant-based food company Meatless Farm has also found that around 20% of Brits are eating more hot breakfasts and taking more time to enjoy them as a sit-down meal both during the week and at the weekend.

The younger generations, under 34, are driving the demand for sit-down breakfasts whilst the over 55’s are the least likely to enjoy their breakfast at the table.

As everyone returns to the ‘new normal’, Meatless Farm is helping people hang on to spending extra time to enjoy their breakfast with the launch of its new sausage patties.

Made using its signature mix of pea protein and the finest plant ingredients, these sizzling meat-free feasts are ready to eat in just 6 minutes. Each fresh patty is packed full of herby flavours and a juicy, meaty texture – so flavoursome even meat eaters will think you are telling porkies if you tell them they are 100% vegan.

Later in the month, Meatless Farm will unveil its first ever sausage roll. The meatless sausage filling is made using a range of plant proteins to create a meaty, succulent texture and taste that is delicately wrapped in puff pastry, delicious either hot or cold – so move over Greggs, there is a new sausage roll in town.

Plant-forward eating is one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements in the UK as shoppers turn to conscious consuming in a bid to be more environmentally friendly. Recent research from Meatless Farm has shown that a third of British consumers are eating more plant-based food than ever before and intend to do so throughout the year (2).

Meatless Farm’s sausage patties are now available in Tesco stores nationwide (RRP £2.50) and the sausage rolls will be available from Sainsbury’s stores from Wednesday 21st April (RRP £1.50). The new products will be joining their range of plant-based mince, burgers, hot dogs and sausages.

[1] Census worldwide March 2021, 2000 UK adults

[2] Census worldwide March 2021, 2000 UK adults

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