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Hempura – A Plethora of Authentic

CBD products CBD, OR CANNABIDIOL, is famously being used by people of all ages worldwide. While companies are unable to advertise specific medical claims, many users report to find CBD greatly beneficial.

Hempura, launched in 2017, has quickly become a leading CBD oil brand within the UK CBD industry, fuelled by exceeding customer and business expectations alike. With a company philosophy of focusing on the whole customer experience, Hempura’s attention to detail and quality has set them apart, ensuring customers receive only the highest quality products at great value.

Pure hemp-extracted CBD is designed to soothe the mind and body, restore inner balance, and improve wellness at a reasonable price. State-of-the-art technology as well as extremely thorough growing and extraction processes guarantee high, consistent quality for all Hempura cannabidiol products. Hempura is committed to bringing you the purest and best quality CBD products on the market.

hempura 1Hempura passionately believe in protecting our environment through sustainably produced CBD, delivering products in eco-friendly packaging that is made from recyclable materials. Hempura CBD products are also registered and certified by the Vegan Society. Their aim is to minimise any impact on the planet and reduce the carbon footprint by producing as little waste as possible.

Having good knowledge about the products you buy, where they come from and how they are produced is always important, especially with CBD products. Therefore, Hempura products are 100% traceable from seed to sale, with each batch bearing a unique code and corresponding lab report with accurate product information. This gives confidence to our customers that what is on the label is what is in the product.

hempura mainMany customers soon realise you do not need blockbuster mg amounts of CBD to achieve the benefits. What is important is a high-quality solution made from a natural hemp extract containing the different hemp compounds and terpenes, which is what our standard premium range provides, and is the difference between our products and others. This is it is recommended people to start low and slowly build up as customers achieve the desired results at low doses if using high quality solutions – as it is almost like a super food oil. It saves money and reduces the ingestion of unnecessary amounts.

Every batch produced is sent to an approved third-party laboratory for complete analysis and verification of the lab test results that are conducted internally. Hempura CBD finished products are manufactured in ISO certified facilities in compliance with the strict quality control measures required in the CBD industry.

Put to the test

“Hempura have really thrown me a lifeline. After searching online endlessly I found Hempura and I decided to give them a go. Thank you for giving me my life back. Very quick delivery, fantastic customer service. I would recommend to anyone.”

Hempura products possess full traceability from seed to sale, with each batch being manufactured with its own unique batch code and corresponding lab report. This batch code, also found on the rear of all products, can be easily searched on the online certificates database to prove the legitimacy of every single product.

Choose from the likes of CBD oil, capsules, chocolate, vape liquid, cream, tea and more.

With a free introductory CBD guide available, visit www.hempura.co.uk today



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