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Healthy at Home with Huna

Staying healthy and active while at home has never been more important. Studies show that too much inactivity can increase our chance of developing type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer.[1] The good news is, there are plenty of ways to get moving and improve our health in and around the home.

When getting active it’s important to ensure our nutritional intake is adequate. A diet rich in fruit, vegetables complemented by lean meat and fish is the simplest way to ensure your intake of essential vitamins is replete. After exercise, supplements rich in protein and amino acids can also help muscle recovery and build strength. CBD has also gained a lot popularity in the health and fitness world, due to its association with overall wellbeing. Huna Labs has developed a range of natural CBD oil products designed to enhance every part of your day.

National guidance says we should aim for a minimum of two and a half hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week. This may sound like a daunting task, but when broken into daily activities, including ‘hidden’ exercise, achieving your activity aims can be easier than you may think. With a little help from Huna, getting active can also help you feel great!

The 5 Day Plan

Day 1 – The walk

Start the week with something simple – a decent walk. Plan your route the night before and leave comfortable walking boots near the front door. Decide on a time to set out and stick to it. A walk of at least 30 minutes or 1½ miles will give you the most benefit. Increase the distance you walk each time and star to incorporate hills and valleys.

Tip: Replace a car journey to the chemist or supermarket with a walk, a rucksack will help you carry your items home! Why not try a Huna CBD capsule whilst on the go

Day 2 – HIIT it at home

Professionally led high intensity interval training classes are a great way to experience the gym at home. It may sound daunting, but there are plenty of free online videos for beginners of any age and ability. For the most benefit, choose a class that involves using weights.

Tip: You don’t need to have professional equipment, a couple of tins of baked beans make an idea substitute for 1lb weights. Recover with Huna Hemp Protein Powder to help your muscles recover naturally.

Day 3 – Do it for yourself

Being at home is an opportunity to tackle those projects we’ve been putting off. Whether it’s sorting out the family heirlooms in the loft or painting the back bedroom, ‘active pottering’ can contribute to your weekly activity plan. Painting one room can burn over 1,000 calories and activates arm, shoulder and back muscles.

Tip: Be mindful of snacks – five chocolate biscuits will undo half of that good work, totting up to 450 calories. Take a couple of drops of Huna CBD oil (12%) to give yourself an extra boost.

Day 4 – Feel good on the outside

Now is a great time to get on top of those ‘once a while’ jobs. Washing the car, sweeping the drive and cleaning the outside windows are all great exercise. Always plan your maintenance tasks the day before, gathering all the equipment you’ll need in one place.

Tip: Work out how you’re going to start the job and most importantly how you’re going to complete it. Having the end in sight makes tasks more achievable. Treat your shoulder and other tired joints with warming Huna Warrior Rub or Tribal Balm.

Day 5 – Stretch it out

Finish off your week with a low-intensity online workout. Try a class that involves stretching such as yoga or Pilates. Tension can build up in muscles over time so it’s important to release knots regularly.

Tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to help your body flush out toxins released from your muscles. Why not try a Huna CBD Derma Patch to keep that post-yoga zen feeling last even longer.

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