Foods to Eat Every Day

It’s a fact; the more plants you eat, the better you feel. Eating a diet packed with whole, plant based foods is one of the most powerful things you can do for your energy levels, your immune system and your overall health outcomes. Dr Michael Greger – founder of – highlights that some foods punch above their weight, packing in so much protective power that he recommends eating them every single day. Here’s the top of the pops of plants.

Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain a protective compound called Sulforaphane that prompts the release of antioxidant and detoxifying enzymes in the body. A palmful of broccoli (cooked as little as possible) per day is a great place to start.

Packed with antioxidant compounds like the anthocyanins that give some berries the dark pigment in their skin, berries have a powerful protective effect. These antioxidants are unstable, so look for frozen or freeze dried berries which pack more of an antioxidant punch than many of their fresh counterparts where the goodness has deteriorated. FOGA’s range of smoothies and sprinkles are a great way of increasing your consumption.

FOGA’s breakfast OATSHAKES. A balanced breakfast that’s one of your five a day. 

Increased fruit consumption has been shown to reduce risk of Diabetes by up to 50%. A delicious snack that’s low calorie and packed with a wide range of powerful plant compounds. If you like to drink your fruit – blending rather than juicing preserves more nutrition and enables us to extract more beneficial polyphenols.

You only need to take an autumn walk to see the power of eating your leafy greens. As the dark green chlorophyll breaks down for winter, the underlying hues of Amber, Red and Orange reveal the presence of a whole range of other compounds. Eating your greens is eating the rainbow.

If you struggle with getting your greens, check out Sprinkle Some Greens from FOGA. Just one teaspoon of the blend – sprinkled on virtually any food – is 40g of nutrient rich leafy greens – an easy way to supercharge your meals!

Try adding FOGA’s Sprinkle Some GREENS or GREEN SALT to your meals to add extra goodness to the every day.

We’ve been told 5 a day, but it’s time to think about 30 a week – that’s 30 different types of fruit & vegetables. Try to eat a rainbow of different vegetables to give your body a wide range of nutrients and protective compounds – way better than a multivitamin pill.

Flaxseeds have been shown to outperform medicines in lowering blood pressure, as well as helping to control cholesterol & blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Adding them to your diet is easy – sprinkle ground flax onto food or add to smoothies – and powerful.

Thousands of studies in recent years have looked at the links between Turmeric (and Curcumin) and its anti-cancer effects. In vitro studies have shown powerful anti-cancer effects. While human trials have been less conclusive, cancer rates in countries with high consumption of spices like Turmeric (India for example) are significantly lower than in the West. With zero side effects, that’s enough of an incentive for us to try and consume some every day.

FOGA make PLANTSHAKE smoothie blends that you simply shake with water or your favourite milk.

At least 2l a day keeps you hydrated and ensures your body has the best chance of functioning optimally, no matter what you throw at it.

How then, do we go about getting these powerful plants into our diets? FOGA is a plant based nutrition company with a mission to make healthy easy. Their plantshakes (freeze dried smoothie blends), oatshakes (high protein breakfast smoothies) and sprinkles (superfood boosters) are all easy and delicious ways to add plant power to your diet to support your energy, immunity and overall health. You can try their products at