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EvoDental ‘Smile in a day’ implants

What Is The Best Solution For Missing Teeth?

A healthy set of teeth will not only give you a beautiful smile but will also help you to maintain good overall health. With almost one in three (31%) adults suffering from tooth decay, there are many of us for whom common tasks such as chewing and speaking are problematic due to missing teeth.

Many people who have missing teeth rely on dentures to improve the appearance of their smile. However, these come with many challenges, ranging from gum sores and irritation to loose dentures that move around when speaking and eating. If you’re constantly needing to cover your mouth to hide your problematic dentures, you’re not free to be the best version of yourself.

Why dental implants are the ultimate solution for missing teeth

Full jaw dental implants offer permanent and natural-looking teeth, with none of the disadvantages associated with dentures.

evodentalThe EvoSolution is a smile in a day treatment that is a long-lasting solution for replacing dentures, loose, rotten, missing or failing teeth with a full set of dental implants in one day. Using a one piece, full jaw prosthetic bridge your new smile is secured in place by 4 to 6 implants per jaw and allows you to smile, eat and socialise with confidence.

Many people believe they would not be suitable for dental implants due to a lack of healthy bone. Here at EvoDental, we are specialists in full jaw dental implants, so even if your own dentist has told you that you wouldn’t be a candidate for dental implants. Here are some of the main reasons why full mouth dental implants are the best alternative to dentures:

Bone degradation is common once a root has been lost, and this can cause several long-term difficulties, including problems with speech, facial definition and issues with your bite. But by putting implants into the jaw, often, new bone will start to grow, preventing degradation.The colour and shape of dental implants can be matched exactly to your existing teeth, so they look completely natural.

Our dental implant procedure can be completed in one appointment, meaning that you can walk away with your brand new, permanent smile the same day. Dental implants offer the freedom to eat whatever you like, without worrying about your dentures coming loose!

Been advised you need the All-on-Four implants?

If you have missing teeth, struggle with an ill-fitting denture or have been subject to a failing dental bridge, you dentist may have advised that you need ‘All-on-Four’ dental implants. The EvoSolution is an advanced alternative to ‘All on Four dental implants’, we use advanced implant techniques, such as placing pterygoid and zygomatic implants – which negate the need in most cases for either bone grafts or sinus lifts.

evo DentalThis innovative dental procedure uses four to six screws and a precision-engineered fixed full-arch dental implant to completely transform the appearance of your smile, making it an ideal option if you suffer from inadequate bone density. There’s no need for each tooth to be individually screwed in and the best bit? You can leave after just one day with brand new – permanent – teeth that look, feel and perform just like natural teeth

Full mouth dental implants to fix missing teeth in a single day

Here at EvoDental, we are the only UK clinics specialising exclusively in full mouth dental implants. This is all that we do, all day, every day.

Our EvoSolution combines biology, engineering and technology, not only to improve a person’s appearance, but to enhance their quality of life – often following years of physical and psychological suffering, caused by missing teeth and conditions such as periodontitis.

evo dentalIf you have missing teeth or struggle with loose-fitting dentures, our ‘Smile in a Day’ full mouth dental implants will transform your smile and your life.

Due to our years of experience and the fact that we specialise exclusively in full jaw dental implants, we’re fully equipped to carry out the entire procedure in a single day.

EvoDental’s clinics are based across the UK, providing dental implants in Liverpool, Heathrow and Solihull, meaning that our services are accessible for the majority of people in England.

Our scientifically proven, ground-breaking EvoSolution will give you a worry-free, permanent dental solution that looks and feels just like natural teeth.

Why not choose EvoDental and an EvoSolution?

evo dental

Our team at EvoDental have been specialising in ‘smile in a day’ dental implants since 2007, and we’re proud to say that when it comes to full-jaw work, our expertise is unmatched. Each patient who comes to us has the skill, knowledge and passion of our entire multi-discipline team who work together to formulate a unique treatment to suit each individuals’ specific needs and requirements.

Our expert on-site lab means that we never need to outsource, instead creating a completely unique prosthetic for each patient we see. It’s for these reasons, as well as many more, that we are highly regarded by other dentists in the UK who will often refer their patients to us where our specific expertise are required.

We offer a free of charge full clinical consultation, during which we can fully assess your requirements and tell you there and then whether you’d be suitable for our full mouth implant procedure.

Visit us online at or call 0800 151 0446, we would love to hear from you.




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