How are you feeling today?

It’s a simple question, but one that women rarely answer honestly. “I’m fine” all too often becomes our standard answer, even when we’re really not.

Well, my name is Hayley, and some days I’m not fine at all.

I never really paid much attention to mental health, and like many women, thought that being in a semi-permanent state of anxiety was just my default setting. However, when I just couldn’t cope any more I visited my GP and quickly came away with a prescription for anti-depressants.

Fast forward a few weeks and I could function again; but I just felt numb. I had become a passenger in my own life, and that frightened me.

I began to research CBD oil almost as a last resort.

Like you, I’d spotted those lurid posters of cannabis leaves and flashy banners in the windows of rapidly-opened high street shops, peddling CBD as a cure for all manner of ailments. Sadly, that type of first impression is understandably enough to put many women off altogether.

There is so much misinformation flying around about what CBD actually is too – but it is not marijuana and won’t make you feel “high.”

I did my own research – and I encourage you to do the same – and realised that CBD’s potential to help with a broad spectrum of mental health and chronic pain issues really couldn’t be overlooked.

Today, CBD helps me to keep my anxiety at bay without prescription medications – and without making me feel like a zombie.

When I stopped feeling anxious, I started getting frustrated.

Frustrated at how women’s health is so commonly undervalued.

Frustrated at how CBD oils are commonly promoted and sold in poor quality, low strength blends that just don’t work.

CBD oil can help with a plethora of mental and physical health conditions, with many women using to ease menopause symptoms, fibromyalgia, and even period pains. But you’ll only get effective benefits from CBD of the right quality and strength, and you don’t find that on the average high street or via most online retailers.

That’s why I founded Cannadox, a modest collection of premium quality, high-strength CBD oils. Understandably, these are a little more expensive than high street alternatives – however, they are actually much more economical!

Why choose Cannadox?

  • Our lowest strength CBD oil is 20% to ensure its effectiveness. Those 10%, 5%, and even 2.5% high street offerings simply don’t make a difference for most people.
  • Cannadox CBD oils are traceable from seed to shelf. We work directly with a licensed organic farm and certified UK chemist to bring you our quality high-strength collection.
  • The carrier oil used for Cannadox is simple organic hemp oil. Common cheaper alternatives include coconut, sunflower and even palm oil, the latter of which is a huge contributor to the irreversible destruction of the world’s rainforests.
  • Authenticity, education and transparency are at the heart of Cannadox, which is why I share detailed independent laboratory reports for every batch of Cannadox oil on my website.
  • Finally, your Cannadox oil will arrive with you in an elegant bottle that will not look out of place on your desk or coffee table, and that makes the perfect gift for a friend or relative!

I believe in women, I believe in CBD, and I believe in Cannadox. If you want to learn more about CBD oil and how it can help you, listen to me on the Dear Lovejoy podcast, follow us on social media, or choose your Cannadox premium strength CBD oil now.

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