At BoxedOff we like to take the stress out of supplements: BoxedOff is the all-new wellness brand that houses all the supplements you need in simple problem-solving boxes.

What is BoxedOff?

Supplements are often confusing. Aimed at gym-goers or those in-the-know, many brands are a minefield for the novice or newcomer and selecting the right supplements can be more than a little daunting.

An antidote to the overly cheap or excessively expensive supplements on the market, BoxedOff is the affordable and simple solution. We’re a UK-born brand, delivering high quality, sustainable supplements, with 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and our supplements boast plant-based ingredients that are familiar and effective.

“We believed that there must be a simpler way to supplementation, with a product that tells you what it will deliver in a fun, attractive way that is kinder to the environment,” 

What does BoxedOff stand for?

An open and honest brand, BoxedOff doesn’t make false claims about our products. We don’t claim, for instance, to sell miracle weight loss tablets. All the BoxedOff products are tried and tested and, taken responsibly, will deliver results.

“The urban dictionary defines the term ‘boxed off’ as ‘something that is taken care of, completed, no need to worry about any longer’. And that perfectly sums up our brand, too. We take the leg work out of sourcing the correct supplements and nutrition for our customers,” 

BoxedOff is:

✔ Easy to understand

✔ Vegan-friendly

✔ High quality plant based supplements

✔ Sustainable

✔ 100% Biodegradable and recyclable

✔ No single-use plastics, at no extra cost to the customer

✔ Made in the UK

For anyone who supplements, or who is new to supplementing, BoxedOff has made things simple with its pre- made, solution-driven, 30-day boxes, which can also be refilled saving you money, while doing your bit for the environment, when you repeat buy. The 7 Boxes range from £49-£60 and Box Refills from £45-£55. We’ve hand picked these products in order to target the most common reasons for people taking supplements in the first place and packaged them lovingly into our signature boxes.

Want to create your own supplement routine? You can! All the BoxedOff supplements, from Algae Oil (Purest form of Vegan Omega3) to ZMA’s, are sold separately on the website, from £7 to £30.

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