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Body and Mind Botanicals – Balance the Body and Calm the Mind

Body and Mind Botanicals was born out of the desire to produce high-quality cannabis products and introduce people to the benefits of CBD, which may include relief from pain and inflammation, as well as stress, anxiety and low mood. Unlike THC, the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, CBD won’t get you ‘high’ or ‘stoned’. Instead, their cannabis tea has been shown to help people relax and sleep better, making it the ideal drink to have before bed.

The company pride themselves on being involved in every stage of production, from seed selection to delivering organic cannabis products to their customers and stockists from their base in Northamptonshire. Body and Mind Botanicals cannabis tea and oil is a full-spectrum cannabis product, contains below the level of THC allowed in the UK and most of Europe (0.2%) and is certified organic and vegan.

Body and Mind Botanicals comes from a very personal place. The company’s journey started three years ago when Michael Fitzgerald, the co-founder was researching therapy for Multiple Sclerosis. This is something that a very close family member suffered with. After reading early studies relating to MS and CBD it then lead him onto doing more research and he found how CBD could help with sleep. This was something that was a real interest to him, as from the age of 14 he had rarely slept for more than 4 hours a night. He decided from that moment he would give it a go.

He instantly felt the benefits, but the biggest thing for him is that people around him noticed a great improvement in his general mood. Without even realising he suffered with low mood, anxiety and stress, this lead onto a time of reflection which was really tough.

What CBD allowed him to do is release his anxiety and let the person he really was shine through.

Once he discovered these amazing benefits, he was very frustrated with the lack of product quality consistency and misinformation he would find when trying to purchase the oils. So after a solid 12 months of research his business partner Martin Kaprockyj joined him. A further 6 months along they had put in place farms and distribution. Then Body and Mind Botanicals was born.

They are the only company in Europe who harvest their unique strain of plant and processes it in the way that they do, which gives the tea its distinctive fresh flavour. As well as having a beautiful taste, in every cup you will find 25-40mg of CBD depending how long the tea is brewed for and the great thing about drinking the tea is after only 5 mins many of their customers start the feel the benefits.

Body and Mind Botanicals began selling their products in a few local delis, offering tea tasting sessions to introduce new customers to the wonderful world of CBD. They soon established a distribution network, which helped them get their products into stores up and down the country. You’ll now find Body and Mind Botanicals cannabis tea in  over 350 stores across the UK, including all Grape Tree, Daylesford Organic farm shop and Partridges of London. Despite this impressive growth, Body and Mind Botanicals remains a family run operation and have not changed their personal approach to business.

Their goal moving forward is to educate existing stockists and customers on the health benefits of CBD and innovate exciting new products containing cannabis and other all-natural ingredients. Body and Mind Botanicals are currently working on a brand new cold pressed cannabis oil and organic honey infused with same organic cannabis plant as the tea, ensuring similar relaxing benefits. Cold pressing the cannabis preserves the beneficial substances, meaning their new oil is even more effective than before. Meanwhile, infusing honey with CBD means you can enjoy the calming benefits as part of your breakfast or in sweet treats.

Educating customers and stockists is a high priority for Body and Mind Botanicals. They love to do tea tastings outside their stockists which allows them to educate the store staff and also the customers. They enjoy getting infront of the customer and talking to them. With a complex subject like CBD naturally people have a lot of questions and when looking online it isn’t clear what is right and wrong. Body and Mind Botanicals are Cannabis Experts and with years of research behind them they know what they are talking about.

Another way the company are spreading the word and educating is by exhibiting at trade shows up and down the country. In 2019 so far, Body and Mind Botanicals have already appeared at the BBC Good Food Show, National Geographic Traveller Food Show, Balance Festival and many more. Doing these shows is offering people a chance to try the tea for themselves. The co-founder speaks on panels, does talks about the history of the company and benefits of CBD. Shows like this are the perfect opportunity to introduce people to the product and hear feedback from existing customers.

Body and Mind Botanicals cannabis tea is available in loose leaf and individual biodegradable teabags, which now come in a peppermint variety for an even fresher flavour. Their CBD oil is available in four strengths, from 150mg to 1000mg per 10ml. As well as being in stockists up and down the country you can also buy from us online at www.bodyandmindbotanicals.com

Because Multiple Sclerosis plays such an important part of this business. We donate 5% of our profits to MS Charities.



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