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3 reasons why Dental Implants abroad are a bad idea

  1. Are dental implants abroad as cheap as you think? Let’s talk hidden costs
    The number one reason why people opt for dental implants abroad is down to the affordability factor. And who can blame them? There’s no denying that getting dental implants in foreign countries is often considerably cheaper, right?Hidden costs are almost always involved in dental tourism, and if no unexpected costs arise at the time, the chances are you will end up paying out later in the future, especially if your implant has failed or other complications arise leading to the need for costly fixes back in the UK.
  2. How high is the quality of your dental implant?
    It is not uncommon for those having dental implants abroad to later need corrective treatment in the UK. So, what that tells us is that there’s a large chance the quality of the materials involved in dental tourism is largely below parr. Dental practices within the UK that offer these treatments are regulated and trained. With many foreign countries, these regulations aren’t in place, and so you are much less likely to receive the same high standards as you’d be getting within the UK.
  3. Let’s talk aftercare
    Implants require aftercare, this is vital to ensure your dental implants stay healthy and function as they should. Are you prepared to travel back to the destination for check-ups, which would require time out from work and plenty of expense.

Why choose EvoDental for your Dental Implants?

evo dentalHere at EvoDental our treatments have no hidden costs and start from £10,500. We offer a free of charge full clinical consultation, during which we can tell you there and then whether you’d be suitable for our full mouth implant procedure.

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